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south bay laser eye center doctor matthew hetch and patient louie Imagine a world without glasses. Imagine not having to remove your contacts after a long day. Marina del Rey ophthalmologist Dr. Matthew Hecht is a respected Marina del Rey eye doctor. He has given people a new lease on life with the latest in vision correction technology. With offices in the South Bay/Torrance, Marina del Rey and Beverly Hills, Dr. Hecht is conveniently located.

What patients are saying?

"I couldn't believe how fast my surgery was. And no pain. Dr. Hecht was terrific!"

Louie C., Actor


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A Torrance eye doctor you can respect: An ophthalmologist you can trust with your vision

Imagine a world where you can rise in the morning, get ready for the day and then set out to work without glasses. Imagine not having to remove your contacts after a long day. Torrance ophthalmologist Dr. Matthew Hecht is a respected Torrance eye doctor because he has also given people a new lease on life with the latest in vision correction technology.

Torrance Ophthalmologist Mathew Hecht

Torrance Ophthalmologist is fluent in Spanish

A few questions your

Torrance Ophthalmologist

will ask you:

• Is your vision blurry or foggy?
• Do colors appear dull or muted?
• Are your glasses no longer working?
• Does sunlight or other light seem overly bright or glaring?
• Do you have decreased night vision or see halos around lights?



Why your Torrance eye doctor is a favorite: “You’re out of surgery in less than an hour with very little pain”

If you experience one or more of the symptoms listed above, you may have cataracts, a clouding of your eye’s natural lens. Cataracts are the leading cause of visual loss in people 55 and over. The good news is that most people are very surprised to learn that cataract surgery is easy and relatively pain free! At the Hecht Eye Institute, you have three convenient locations and an experienced eye doctor to bring your eyesight back to clarity.

Torrance eye doctor quick facts:

• Refractive surgery takes 30 minutes or less
• You’re back to normal activities the very next day
• You can see colors, details
• Your healing time is quick with usually no pain or very little pain
• 98% or greater success rate

Torrance eye doctor Matthew Hecht has three locations for his South Bay and Westside patients: Marina Eye Center in Marina del Rey, South Bay Laser Eye Center in the South Bay/Torrance area and Hecht Eye Institute Beverly Hills.

Torrance ophthalmologist helped Bill stay in his profession

Bill has been in the newspaper business since he graduated college in 1979. As he got older, he found that his glasses couldn’t keep up with his job. He moved to blogging five years ago and found that the intensity of looking at a screen all day was hurting his already compromised eyesight.

Torrance eye doctor offers cutting edge eye correction surgery

Torrance eye doctor offers cutting edge eye correction surgery


“I was thinking about going into some other kind of work because the strain on my eyes was simply too great. My wife recommended me to her eye doctor in Torrance, Dr. Hecht. I had never even considered surgery to correct my eyesight. But after he walked me through the process, I knew it would be the way to stay in the profession I love. He performed LASIK surgery. I can barely put it into words but having nearly 20/20 eyesight has completely changed my view of things, literally.”

                                                                                   -Bill T.




Torrance Ophthalmologist offers many solutions for clear eyesight

At the South Bay Laser Eye Center, Marina Eye Center and in Beverly Hills, Dr. Hecht and his team offer solutions suited for each unique set of eyes:

Crystalens (intraocular lens implant)
Diabetes-related eye diagnosis and treatment
Allegretto Excimer Laser
Glaucoma screening, diagnosis, and treatment
Macular Degeneration testing
Ziemer Laser

“Give me a half an hour and I will restore your vision.” — Dr. Matthew Hecht

No matter if you have astigmatism, myopia, farsightedness or other eyesight issues, Torrance eye doctor Dr. Hecht offers many affordable solutions and payment plans to fit your budget.

Call today for your consultation and let a leading Torrance ophthalmologist restore your vision!