Ziemer Laser Eye Surgery


There are lots of new laser eye surgery technologies and the good news for Hecht Eye Institute patients is that we have the very latest technology available for our Marina del Rey, Torrance and Beverly Hills patients.

Ziemer laser eye surgery safely done for our patients



Blade-free LASIK using the new Swiss Ziemer laser to make a corneal flap, rather than a traditional blade.


Both the Intralase and the Ziemer devices allow elimination of a blade to make a physical cut in the cornea. Instead they use millions of precise laser pulses to create a very accurate flap, removing the potential risks associated with a metal-blade mechanical system.

Is Ziemer Laser Eye Surgery for you?

Ziemer laser eye surgery is a newer procedure with potential advances upon the older American Intralase laser flap maker. Ziemer laser surgery eliminates occasional complications found with iLASIK. Some iLASIK patients (around 7%) experience mild discomfort and mild aversion to light for several days after laser vision correction, know as “transient light sensitivity”.

This side effect is not seen with Ziemer laser surgery, possibly because of a much more tightly focused laser energy pulse and greatly reduced energy per pulse, compared to Intralase’s looser focus and wider dispersion of energy through the cornea.

In a LASIK procedure, the first stage is creating the corneal flap. Treatment to correct your eyesight is actually done on the corneal tissue that’s below the surface. Access to the cornea is accomplished by making a surface flap and folding it back. This is totally painless!

The creation of this flap is critical for a successful result of your Ziemer laser eye surgery. The flap needs to be of exactly the right thickness and in exactly the right place. When the surgery is completed, it’s easily folded back into position and acts as a delicate bandage over the treated eye.

The microkeratome devices used in traditional LASIK surgery are hand-held tools with a steel blade that oscillates, moving back and forth at very high speeds. Dr. Hecht is highly skilled in Ziemer laser eye surgery and generally uses this technology for his patients.

Ziemer laser eye surgery complications are quite rare. Use of new femtosecond lasers (Ziemer or Intralase) greatly reduces the likelihood of any such complications.