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Why The Holidays Are The Perfect Time To Get LASIK

If you have been considering LASIK surgery for a while, it’s time to take a look at all the advantages of having the procedure during the upcoming holidays. There are so many obvious reasons why the holidays are the perfect time to get LASIK. 

Person getting LASIK eye surgery.

Reason One:

You will scrap your contact lenses before the spring allergy season hits. Seasonal allergies are the most difficult time for anyone who wears contacts. Well before springtime you will have discarded not only those contact lenses, but also all the accouterments you no longer need. It’s called freedom.

Reason Two:

Save your vacation days for summer. Since recovery from LASIK is only a day or two, you can have the procedure during your holiday time off at home, and you can go back to work with clear vision. Win/win.

Reason Three:

Imagine waking up on New Year’s day and every day thereafter and being able to see your smartwatch or alarm without your glasses. What an amazing way to start the new year.

Reason Four:

No more foggy glasses this winter if you get LASIK. A Christmas Miracle!

Reason Five:

Think about the upcoming summer and all the water sports you love. You’ll be able to go swimming, snorkeling, water ski, and play with your children on the beach. Let’s not forget people watching.

Reason Six:

Enjoy this holiday season without glasses or contacts. Be ready for those selfies, family photos, and group pictures with no glasses. How about that New Year’s eve kiss? No glasses to get in the way. Go for it.

Reason Seven:

SAVE TAX MONEY! Use your flexible spending account (FSA) for your LASIK procedure. If you still have funds in your account, you can use pre-tax money to pay for your procedure. Funds not used are lost. Check your health savings (HSA) account as well. Talk with your company’s HR representative about your options. Both of these benefits can also be used for other laser vision correction techniques.

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