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Signs It May Be Time For Cataract Surgery

Does your beautiful new white sweater suddenly look like it has a yellow tint? Are all your clothes starting to look dingy? Even a clear blue sky looks gray. These are all signs it may be time for cataract surgery.

Having A Cataract

Having a cataract doesn’t automatically mean it is time to remove it. Cataracts cause changes in our vision, but not all those changes necessitate removing them just yet. Until and unless a cataract causes issues with your daily activities or presents a safety hazard, Dr. Hecht may elect to wait a little longer to suggest or perform surgery.

What Is A Cataract And Why Do We Get Them

Developing a cataract is a natural part of aging. They occur as proteins in the eye group together and distort and interfere with clear vision.

The cataract develops slowly on the lens of your eye. Surgery removes your natural lens and replaces it with a clear artificial one. It is an extremely safe surgery and one of the most performed surgeries in the world.

Only you can determine whether and when you want the cataract(s) removed with recommendations from Dr. Hecht. How will you know?

Signs It May Be Time For Cataract Surgery

Trouble Seeing or Driving At Night

A cataract will prevent clear vision to see signs and other obstacles while driving in the dark. That will be one of the first signs it may be time for cataract surgery. In addition, halos may appear with oncoming cars or lights.

Double Vision

Having double vision can be both dangerous and annoying. It prevents you from accomplishing almost any task. interferes with your daily life, and even leads to falls.

Seeing A Vague, Colorless World

As mentioned earlier, colors will become less vibrant and have a brownish or yellow tint. When this occurs you will lose the pleasure of watching a beautiful sunset or enjoying flowers in your garden.

Light Sensitivity

A cataract can cause you to be more sensitive to light while outside or even inside.

Trouble With Near Vision

As a cataract develops it will become more difficult to read the newspaper or a book. You may need extra light to see clearly. This near vision issue will be especially difficult for those who have certain hobbies like knitting or doing crossword puzzles. Texting will become almost impossible. These are the types of activities that are compromised with cataracts — another sign it may be time for cataract surgery.

Consult with Hecht Eye Institute in Lawndale, Beverly Hills, or Marina del Rey about how cataracts are beginning to interfere with your daily activities.

You don’t have to miss out on enjoying life!

Contact Dr. Hecht if your daily life is being negatively affected by cataracts and you want to discuss surgery.

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