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Is LASIK Eye Surgery Right For Me?

Is LASIK surgery right for me? Thousands of people ponder this question on a daily basis. There are many questions to ask like: are my eyes healthy enough, am I a good candidate, will it improve my vision, am I too old, or what are the risks vs the benefits. Let’s take a deep dive into all the questions and give you some answers.

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Are You Tired Of Wearing Glasses And Contacts?

If you answer yes to this question, LASIK eye surgery may be right for you. This is usually the main motive for considering LASIK surgery. Some young adults have been wearing corrective lenses since they were children. They want freedom from having something on their face or in their eyes.

Glasses can be cumbersome and dangerous. Contact lenses are rife with issues and possible infections. Let’s not forget, both can be expensive.

Do You Meet The Medical Criteria?

There are certain non-negotiables for being a good candidate for LASIK.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have stable vision.
  • You must have a cornea thick enough to have the surgery and generally good eye health.
  • You cannot be pregnant (you can wait until after birth).
  • You must be nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism all within a certain range.
  • You should have no autoimmune disorders.
  • You must have realistic expectations.

Hecht Eye Institute will do a thorough eye evaluation to rule out any issues that might disqualify you from having LASIK surgery.

Are You An Active Adult Who Wants Great Vision?

If you are someone who likes to travel, participates in various types of sports, and is looking for the freedom to see everything without glasses or contact lenses, LASIK is probably right for you.

Do You Understand The Risks?

Any surgery has possible risks and complications. LASIK is predominantly a safe and effective procedure with rare complications.

There can be temporary issues like glare, distortion, and dry eyes, but they usually improve within a few weeks.

It is important to read all the possible risks prior to having surgery. Hecht Eye Institute will provide written information and answer all your questions.

Do you understand that just about everyone will still need reading glasses later in life? Your distance vision will remain stable, but close vision may change.

Do Your Homework

Find a doctor who will do a thorough eye evaluation and answer all your questions. If you feel rushed, pushed into a decision, or something doesn’t feel right, wait and find another surgeon.

The vast majority of LASIK patients are pleased with their results and happy they made the decision.

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