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Eye Changes Aging Adults Should Watch For

It has been said, “Don’t regret growing old; it’s a privilege denied to many.” As we age, lots of things change. Things sag, things spread out, and things change color just to showcase our age. You can fight it, but it’s a losing battle. Age takes a toll on our eyes too. As you grow older, pay attention to eye changes adults should watch for.

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Common Eye Changes Due To Aging

Just like our hair turning gray, there are certain eye changes to note, but not obsess over. They indicate change but not necessarily vision loss. With these changes, we are able to find ways to overcome any difficulties, function, and keep our vision.

Near Vision or Presbyopia

Everyone reaches a point in middle age where it becomes harder to see things up close. Reading, doing close-up hobbies, or even reading a menu gets more difficult. We can attack this change with reading glasses, some types of contacts, refractive surgery, and now even new eye drops can help.

Contrast Sensitivity

Seniors can find it increasingly difficult to see the difference between colors like blue from black and distinguishing objects from backgrounds like milk in a white mug. Low vision tools can help here.

Dry Eyes

Women especially have this annoying condition after menopause. Talk with Hecht Eye Institute about prescription eye drops to relieve dryness. There are also home remedies like humidifiers.

Night Driving

Another issue that arises with aging is difficulty driving at night. Try to do errands during the day, and have others do the driving when it gets dark.

More Worrisome Eye Changes And Diseases That Come With Aging

See Hecht Eye Institute at least once per year to retain healthy vision once you reach age 60 or earlier if you have diabetes. You may not notice any signs in the early stages of certain eye diseases. The only way you can protect yourself and your vision is through dilated eye exams.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

AMD affects your sharp central vision making driving and reading problematic. There are treatments to reduce symptoms if you catch it early.


Glaucoma occurs when there is too much fluid pressure inside your eyes. If not treated, vision loss and blindness can be the result. There are no symptoms, so seeing Hecht Eye Institute regularly is key.

Diabetic Retinopathy

If you have diabetes, you are at risk for this serious eye disease. Uncontrolled levels of glucose (blood sugar) in the blood vessels of your retina can damage them. This disease progresses slowly with little warning and can cause vision loss.


Cataracts are cloudy spots on your eye’s lens. Not dangerous, but certainly affects vision and everyday activities. Cataract surgery is an extremely common, safe, and effective way to remove them.

Don’t Wait To See Hecht Eye Institute in Southern California

  • If you notice sudden flashes of light
  • A storm of floaters, much more than normal
  • A dark shadow anywhere in your vision
  • If you have double vision

Contact Hecht Eye Institute at (310) 370-5648 if it’s time for your annual exam or if you are experiencing any concerning eye changes.

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