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Meet Dr. Matthew Hecht

Matthew Hecht,M.D. is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Refractive Surgeon and Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA.

Matthew Hecht,M.D. is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, Refractive Surgeon and Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA.

Dr. Matthew Hecht is a warm, trusted, skilled ophthalmologist and a provider of cutting-edge vision restoration. Specializing in eye surgery, eye health and vision care, Dr. Hecht provides every aspect of eye and vision care from screenings to eye surgery.

Dr. Matthew Hecht is a refractive surgeon, which means that he is a specialist in LASIK eye surgery and cataract eye surgery.

Trusting your vision to a refractive surgeon is a very serious decision.  There are many factors each patient has to consider. Having a skilled refractive surgeon to guide you through the process saves time and gives you peace of mind. After a thorough review, Dr. Hecht will sit with you and explain every aspect of your corrective laser eye surgery.

Corrective laser eye surgery is safe, quick and almost always painless. Millions of Americans have successfully received corrective laser eye surgery and Dr. Hecht is a leading refractive surgeon in Southern California.


Dr. Matthew Hecht gives a brief history of his upbringing and how he came to love his occupation at the Hecht Eye Institute. Dr. Hecht performs many kinds of surgeries including LASIK and cataract surgery and has numerous examples of his successes.


DR. Matthew Hecht essential facts:

  • M.D. University of Minnesota

  • Minnesota Medical Foundation Scholarship

  • University of Hawaii, Honolulu – Internship

  • University of Nebraska Medical Center – Residency

  • University of Southern California – additional training

  • Certified to perform VISX procedures

  • Certified to perform Allegretto procedures

  • Certification to perform LASIK

  • In Toronto, studied under leading ophthalmologist Dr. Jeffrey Machat.

  • Dr. Hecht has extensive post-doctoral training in LASIK procedures with leading refraction surgeons in the U.S.

  • First refractive surgeon in the South Bay to surgically place phakic intraocular lens implants for the severely nearsighted.

  • Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Hecht donates his time and skill to senior citizens and those in need in Central America

Along with proven technology and a caring staff, you’re in safe and qualified hands with Hecht Eye Institute.

Our Team

Refractive surgeon with “my favorite staff ever”

At Hecht Eye Institute, our staff has been with us for a long time. It’s not everyday that you find an eye doctor staff with this much extensive experience in corrective laser eye surgery. Dr. Hecht took great care in assembling some of the best office staff and technicians in Southern California. Patients come for Dr. Hecht’s expertise in corrective laser eye surgery but love the bonus of having such an amazing staff.

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“I wanted to work with this refractive surgeon because he had a solid reputation and I knew that I could grow my own skills. Plus, Dr. Hecht is fluent in Spanish like the rest of us and is awesome with our patients.” — Christina

Refractive surgeon Dr. Hecht has staff with 50 years of collective experience. Our staff makes an impression on patients. Patients come to this refractive surgeon because of his skill, warmth and the thorough care they receive.

Reasons our patients respect the staff before, during and after corrective laser eye surgery:

Fluent in Spanish
Highly trained

I definitely trusted Dr. Hecht with my corrective laser eye surgery and I really look forward to seeing the staff. This is my favorite staff ever.
— Lynda Martine

When you need a refraction surgeon, you need to know that you are getting the very best care. Whatever your vision needs might be, our staff can provide them at any of our easily accessible offices in South Bay/Torrance, Marina del Rey and Beverly Hills.


Come to see this accomplished refractive surgeon for:

Complimentary LASIK Consultation
Cataract surgery evaluation
Glaucoma (high intraocular pressures)
Diabetes (including diabetic laser treatment)
And many other services

Our staff can help you with any question that you may have about refractive surgery and supply the best guidance in eye care. Trust your vision to a highly skilled Torrance eye doctor who has performed thousands of corrective laser eye surgeries.